May 23, 2018

CeBIT 2018 for MTN Consulting

CeBIT is an ever growing expo that promotes everything technology on a global scale. In 2017 CeBIT Australia attracted over 15,000 visitors and this year it was expected to exceed these numbers. Although technology innovations and inventors seemed to be the focal point, the event attracted a diversity of guests in areas such as professional and financial services, telecommunications, government agencies, gaming, manufacturing and the entertainment industry. Both exhibitors and visitors were provided with the opportunity to take part in workshops, network and promote their products.

MTN Consulting’s presence in 2018 Australian CeBIT was a great experience and a great success. MTN collaborated with our network of global partners to showcase various offers on innovative technology products and services. For technology enthusiasts our stand was a must see. Our exceptional team attracted more than 150+ visitors and we even had an onsite photographer to capture the action on all three days.

Visitors were offered an insight into our consultation services and provided with special deals to assist their own business’ growth. The website and app development were top of the list in ‘primary product interest’. Our RPA as a service also received positive reaction for businesses across all industries.

I would like to thank the Partners, staff and event organisers who helped us throughout the preparation and execution of the expo! It was a great team building experienced. Also a special thanks to all the visitors who stopped by and learnt more about MTN Consulting and how we can help you.

Look forward to seeing you again next year in CeBIT 2019!

Manjula Ratnayaka,
Managing Director
MTN Consulting

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