MTN Consulting is your trusted partner to help drive your business growth and innovation. We help you successfully implement business transformation and technology implementation projects for your business that are aligned to your strategy and help you achieve your business goals.

The MTN founder, Manjula Ratnayaka, started out his consulting career as a graduate and progressed to senior consultant at Accenture. At Accenture, he has been involved in leading and delivering large technology transformation programs across Australia. In 2010 Manjula founded MTN Consulting as a botique consulting and outsourcing business. Over the years, MTN consulting has grown in the number of partners that we work with from across the globe. Manjula and the team at MTN has collective experience in delivering more than $700M worth of projects from across Australia. The strength of MTN's global network of partners is availability of an on and offshore technology consultanting and implementation partners that support you and understand the best technology fit for you and your business.

We offer a range of Services through our network of global partners who are the top providers in each of their key service categories. We have the best people and the best partners so that we can deliver successful projects for you and your business.



Be the leading technology consulting, outsourcing and services provider in Australia providing outstanding value and services to businesses ranging from small to enterprise level businesses.


We strive to help our clients achieve success in their organisational strategy through the use of our consulting and technology products and services through our partners from across the globe.



Honesty and integrity is a core value of MTN Consulting and is championed by the MTN team and our partners. We ensure we act with integrity and honesty with our customers, partners and our employees in every decision we make. If we are not able to deliver a project to the high standards or to the true potential value that we aim for collectively, we rather not take on that work.


Value is ensuring that our customers find themselves in a better and more stronger and more effective situation after engaging with us. Through our work, we make sure that not only the customer benefits from the technology solution put in place but also the business and customer benefits to be realised as a result of the technology solution implementation.


At MTN Consulting, we strive to complete our projects to the highest possible standards to deliver the best possible value to our clients. We do this through our Quality Assurance and Project governance processes. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our delivery, we will gladly address your concerns. Our goal is to consistently deliver quality solutions and outcomes every time.


At MTN Consulting we work with you to determine what the most critical aspects of any program we run for you. Once we have agreed the goals and outcomes we are collectively striving for, you can be rest assured that we will deliver on our promise to you to deliver the outcomes you desire. Our team and our partners will go over and above what is required to ensure we earn and keep your trust.